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    SAP Datasphere plan and pricing 

    • Cost per licence is USD$12.84
    • This service is priced per capacity unit (CU) per year
    • The minimum quantity of CUs is 4300
    • Capacity units (CU) are the number of units consumed by the underlying services of SAP Datasphere
    • You can use the SAP Datasphere Estimator to determine the number of capacity units required for your needs
    • The SAP Datasphere capacity unit (CU) offers an adaptable approach to pricing that enables any workload on any hyperscaler
    Additional information
    • The subscription plan includes one productive tenant
    • You are able to instantiate multiple tenants to serve different purposes such as a productive tenant and another tenant for a non-productive use
    • There are no restrictions on the number of tenants that can be instantiated for a subaccount
    Contract duration
    • The minimum contract duration for this service is 3 months
    • Yearly price is pro-rated per month for contract durations which are less than a year
    Data center
    • All information related to data center availability and regions, can be found here

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